Friday, February 25, 2011

Our Angel | Wellington Pin Up Photographer

Photographer: Mandi Lynn | A La Mode Photographic Boutique
Model: Nicola Pepperill
Hair and Makeup: Cathy Davy | Cathy Davy's Salon and Days Spa
Costume: Totally Frocked
Car: Gavin Anthony Cadillac de Ville

Queen of Hearts | Wellington Pin Up Photographe

Photograph and Post Production: Mandi Lynn | A La Mode
Model: Pamela McIlwraithe
Hair: Derek Elvy | Bouy
Makeup: Domer Inovejas | Bliss Beauty
Costume: Totally Frocked
Car: William Giesbers' 1939 Plymouth
Styling: Mandi Lynn

Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Calendars being Printed to raise money for the Christchurch Earth Quake

We are blessed to have the most amazing printers in the world Format Printers, who have agreed to print an extra 1000 calendars which we can sell to raise money for the Christchurch Earth Quake Fund.

March Pixie | Wellington Pin Up Photographer

Model: Roisin
Hair: Derek Elvy | Bouy
Makeup: Nicola | Body FX
Costume: Totally Frocked
Car: 1934 Plymouth coupe owned by Brian Pritchard
Styling: Mandi Lynn and Derek Elvy
Photographer: Mandi Lynn | A La Mode Photographic Boutique

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We are going to be on Good Morning

Just a heads up and a sneak peek at a few of the girls on the Calendar.  We will be on the Morning show at 1040 next Thursday.  Here is a link to the Morning Show.  I am so nervous....I much prefer being behind the camera.  But three cheers to Georgia for getting us on there.  Isn't she just the best project manager ever?!

Friday, February 18, 2011

cafe sweety | Wellington Pin Up Photographer

We had planned to do this shoot using Karl one of the owners of the Cadillac Cafe, but he wasn't feeling well so we comondeered a handsome customer of his to be our flirty guy in the car.  Thank you Pablo for your patience and generosity in filling in.  This shoot was such fun and bless Rachel's heart, we not only needed her to wear roller skates (She can't skate), but also to crouch down (she is nearly 6 foot tall), and then balance a tray of drinks.  I was impressed that we only had one upset of the tray.  Amazing really.  It was such a fun shoot.  Here were my two favourites.
Model: Rachel Millns, and Pablo
Hair: Emily Belle / Belles Bombshells
Make Up: Natalie Henderson / Hil Cook
Car: Debbie and Karl's Pink Cadillac
Location: Cadillac Diner
Photographer: Mandi Lynn, a la mode Photographic 

All American Girl | Wellington Pin Up Photographer

Model: Amy May Ireland
Truck: Chris Fairbrother's 1969 Chevy
Hair and Makeup: Amy May Ireland
Photographer: Mandi Lynn, A La Mode
Creative Director: Mandi Lynn, A La Mode

Amy and her partner shared their Valentines day with us down on the farm for this All American Girl shoot for the Pin Up for Prems calendar.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

cover shoot with Eva Strangelove

Our first shoot for the calendar.  And isn't it delicious!  Eva you are a dream and the!