The Evolving Volunteer Team

The Project Manager is Georgia Wright

Photographer and Creative Director:  Mandi Lynn from A La Mode Photographic Boutique on Jackson Street Petone

Printer - Format Printing

Make Up Artists: 
Nicole from Body FX
Natalie Henderson from Hil Cook
Cathy Davy's Cathy Davy's 
Ellen Stewart - Body Painting Artist

Costume Designers:
Sopheak Seng -fashion editor for Lucire
Jenny Bain - Totally Frocked
Ellen Stewart - Body Painting Artist

Hair Artists:
Derek Elvy Buoy
Cathy Davy's Cathy Davy's 
Emily Belle - Belle's Bombshells

Lighting Equipment:
Photo Warehouse

Studio Location:
 City Living NZ

Graphic Designers:
Newton King 


1*Gayatri Wood             
2*Emily Belle                 
3*Kim Witteveen    
4*Amy May                   
5*Jepha Krieg                
6* Jacqui Siou                                              
7*Roisin Doherty            
9*Bex Henton                                                   
10*Rachel Millns    
11* Pamela McIlwraith          
12*Kerry Rodda (MisRed)   
13*Samantha Powell  
14* Ria Bella Chua 
15*Eva Strangelove   
16* Samantha Elvy

14 Cars and owner drivers  from the Americarna Festival