Sunday, April 10, 2011

Status of the Calendar

THe calendar is still being bounced back and forth between our photographer and graphic design team but we expect that it will be sent to the printers by next week.
We are also planning a big launch of the calendar on the 15th of May.  Watch this space for more details!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Good Morning Show

Georgia, Noah, 3 models and their car owners were lucky enough to be feature in a short little segment on Goodmorning.  Have a look

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Latest Images from Pin Up for Prems

You can see the latest Images that have been worked up for the calendar by going to the A La Mode Website (this just keeps me from having to post them in three different places)

a la mode

Friday, February 25, 2011

Our Angel | Wellington Pin Up Photographer

Photographer: Mandi Lynn | A La Mode Photographic Boutique
Model: Nicola Pepperill
Hair and Makeup: Cathy Davy | Cathy Davy's Salon and Days Spa
Costume: Totally Frocked
Car: Gavin Anthony Cadillac de Ville

Queen of Hearts | Wellington Pin Up Photographe

Photograph and Post Production: Mandi Lynn | A La Mode
Model: Pamela McIlwraithe
Hair: Derek Elvy | Bouy
Makeup: Domer Inovejas | Bliss Beauty
Costume: Totally Frocked
Car: William Giesbers' 1939 Plymouth
Styling: Mandi Lynn

Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Calendars being Printed to raise money for the Christchurch Earth Quake

We are blessed to have the most amazing printers in the world Format Printers, who have agreed to print an extra 1000 calendars which we can sell to raise money for the Christchurch Earth Quake Fund.

March Pixie | Wellington Pin Up Photographer

Model: Roisin
Hair: Derek Elvy | Bouy
Makeup: Nicola | Body FX
Costume: Totally Frocked
Car: 1934 Plymouth coupe owned by Brian Pritchard
Styling: Mandi Lynn and Derek Elvy
Photographer: Mandi Lynn | A La Mode Photographic Boutique

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We are going to be on Good Morning

Just a heads up and a sneak peek at a few of the girls on the Calendar.  We will be on the Morning show at 1040 next Thursday.  Here is a link to the Morning Show.  I am so nervous....I much prefer being behind the camera.  But three cheers to Georgia for getting us on there.  Isn't she just the best project manager ever?!

Friday, February 18, 2011

cafe sweety | Wellington Pin Up Photographer

We had planned to do this shoot using Karl one of the owners of the Cadillac Cafe, but he wasn't feeling well so we comondeered a handsome customer of his to be our flirty guy in the car.  Thank you Pablo for your patience and generosity in filling in.  This shoot was such fun and bless Rachel's heart, we not only needed her to wear roller skates (She can't skate), but also to crouch down (she is nearly 6 foot tall), and then balance a tray of drinks.  I was impressed that we only had one upset of the tray.  Amazing really.  It was such a fun shoot.  Here were my two favourites.
Model: Rachel Millns, and Pablo
Hair: Emily Belle / Belles Bombshells
Make Up: Natalie Henderson / Hil Cook
Car: Debbie and Karl's Pink Cadillac
Location: Cadillac Diner
Photographer: Mandi Lynn, a la mode Photographic 

All American Girl | Wellington Pin Up Photographer

Model: Amy May Ireland
Truck: Chris Fairbrother's 1969 Chevy
Hair and Makeup: Amy May Ireland
Photographer: Mandi Lynn, A La Mode
Creative Director: Mandi Lynn, A La Mode

Amy and her partner shared their Valentines day with us down on the farm for this All American Girl shoot for the Pin Up for Prems calendar.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

cover shoot with Eva Strangelove

Our first shoot for the calendar.  And isn't it delicious!  Eva you are a dream and the!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Angelic Devil the 13th Month

Car: Gavin Anthony's 1959 Cadillac Sedan de Ville Flat top
Model: Nicola Pepperill

Is she good or is she bad.  The duality of personality.  Naughty and nice and everything in between.  She is dressed like an angel but has small horns coming out of her head.  She is has a pitch fork in one hand and a is twirling her halo in the other.

Pitch fork
Small horns
White lace stockings
White beautiful high heel shoes
Dress is sorted from Totally frocked, flowy and white silk

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What a cool team!

We have just had confirmation that two wonderful Award Winning Salons are going to do the hair for the shoots.
Derek Elvy from Buoy
Cathy Davy's from Cathy Davy's Hair Salon

Two new amazing make up artists are on board:
Nicole from BodyFX
and Natalie Henderson from Hil Cook

Can't wait for these shoots!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cover Shoot | Rosie the Mechanic

Rosie the Mechanic
Model: Eva Strangelove

Our cover girl will be our sexy little practical minx sorting out a carb with the greatest of ease.
She is competent and sexy ta boot.  Think Nigella Lawson but with greasy tools.

Shane can we borrow your digs for this one? .... Shane is my favourite mechanic around from Mendoza Mechanical.  Has always looked after me and my truck and cars and one day i will let him work on my beautiful Commer.

Rob Edlin's 1949 Merc

Monday, January 17, 2011

Dear Classic American Car Owners

To everyone who has a reconditioned classic american car they would like to have considered for the calendar.  Please email me a picture to  so that I can decide which ones fit the vision best.  I am posting some of the cars up on the vision boards below as they come in to help me decide.  Please title your email subject:  yourname date of car make  ie. BobJones1949Ford
This will help me to organize them.
Thanks for the fantastic response we have had 35 car volunteers so far so we are just sifting through finding the ones that will work with our ideas the best.
Take care,

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We have our models!

Thank you so much everyone for your interest in this project.  We have all of our models in line now but we are looking for costume designers, fashion designers, and creative types to help us realize the vision of these shoots.

We would love your help.  Email Georgia if you want to be involved!

The Creative Teams

Our vision is that each calendar girl will have a team from the community that will help to create the look for the shoot.  Each team will consist of:

  • the Model / Team organizer (You will need to use your beautiful body for the images and your enviable brain to organize the team around your shoot...we only selected beautiful and clever models for these shoots)
  • the Car owners (these are being sorted out)
  • Period Hair Artist - Georgia has a list of artists who have volunteered
  • Make Up Artist - ditto
  • a Finder - someone who is good a sourcing stuff
  • A stylist / clothing / costume designer to pull together the look.  This does not need to be a professional but someone with an innate sense of style, and the ability to pull together a very saucy dramatic look.  Think World of Wearable Arts meets Pin Up for some of the more dramatic shots and classic Cheesecake for others. 
So it is up to the models to pull together their crews to make them look the most delicious.  Mandi's job to turn it into stunning visual art.  job to print it into beautiful calendars, and Georgia's job to keep it all running smoothly and assisting the teams and organizing the calendar distribution channels.  Phewwww.  But what fun!

About the Visual Diary

The preceding pages are collections of images and ideas that help to show the teams that will be working on these images the basic vision for the shoot.

They are a visual scrapbook of images collected from the internet and do not represent my own work...just the rough visual impressions of what I am going for each page of the calendar.

The idea behind the calendar is to mix models and cars playfully, or dramatically as the image demands.  The more visual puns the better and these rough ideas will fill out and evolve as the creative minds coming to the task take their own hands to shape them.

This project is a collaboration, each image will develop from the work and creative spirit of those that chose to donate their time to the creation of beauty in the spirit of helping the most vulnerable in our community.

This is such a cool project!
Thank you so much all that have already volunteered their time energy and resources. I can't wait to see what our community creates!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dec: Sexy Ms. Clause and her Cookies visual diary

Christmas meets the Great Gastby
Model: Jacqueline Siou
 Decorated christmas tree in the back of the car.  Ms. Clause is laying across the front but in a green dress.  Now that we have found the perfect car, we will need to change the concept to an Elfen like Ms Clause. The car is a 1930's era car so if there is anything 30ish we can throw into the costume the better.  We need to have a fake christmas tree in the back of the car decorated elegantly as well as several beautifully wrapped and elegantly bowed christmas presents in the passenger seat of the car.  Can we see if Kirks could lend us some of their Christmas props for this one?  We need to have someone bake the Christmas sugar cookies.  Anyone keen?

Christmas tree and decorations
Sugar Cookies and a gorgeous silver platter to serve them on.
For the outfit there are two options: 1. My preferred A sexy tight fitting 1930's dress in green or gold.  2. The green elf below.  Or a mixture of the two.  Lets see what we come up with.

 Love these stockings

 1934 Packard 
Pam and Graham Giacometti  

November: Thelma and Loise meet Guy Fawkes

Models:  Kim Whetteeven | Ruby Ruin and Kerry Rodda | MisRed November - They are in the car threating a stuffed Guy Fawkes guy with a sparkler...this would be a night time beach shot with a bonfire and "fireworks" behind them.
We need sparklers,  and a guy faulks man made up, and a guy fawkes mask.
Also someone to build a very cool bonfire on Petone Foreshore.  Then probably some wine and beer to enjoy it with.  Night time shoot using video lights or firelight.

Car for the Shoot:
Nick Wallace
mail (2560×1920)

October : Halloween Vamps visual diary

October- Bex  and Ria Bella

Dark and Deconstructed
 Vamp to max out all vamps, Sexy vampire zombies coming to steal your candy.  the idea is to have it look like they are stealing candy from little children as they drive by in their car.  So I will need a small child in a ghost costume to longingly hold their hands out crying for their candy. loved th skull in Bex's photo and would like to incorporate this into a headpiece of some sort.  Ria you hair would look amazing like this!!!

Amazing makeup can be found here:

Cars we are considering for this shoot:

Glenys and Alan Eagar  37 Ford 
Barry Cullen's roadster

Sept: Roller Skating Waitress

Model: Rachel millns
Soda Fountain Girl, on rollerskates serving customer sitting in his car in the cafe.  Use the Cadallac Cafe and can have the owner sitting in the drivers seat with her bending over giving him a root beer float Retro roller skates that fit our model. short skirted low cut servers outfit. Serving foot long hotdogs and root beer floats.

August: Retro Ski Bunny

Model: Jess Kreig 1960's Aug- Retro Ski bunny

Snow equipment must coordinate with the Pink Mustang for the shoot.  Various shades of pink, white and cream.
Think 1960's Paris Hilton meets Austin Powers in an explosion of Pink on the slopes.

Props Needed:
Sexy snow Bunny outfit that coordinates with Pink.  I have a crazy pink feather 1960 feather wig/hat.
Pink skis
Pink snow goggles
All white set
A fake snow man in the passenger seat.  (Paper Mache?)
Snow balls
Hot chocolate in a pink mug

Car for the Shoot:
Sharyn Busch 1968 Mustang -  What is not to love about this car!  I want one with pink stripes :)