Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dec: Sexy Ms. Clause and her Cookies visual diary

Christmas meets the Great Gastby
Model: Jacqueline Siou
 Decorated christmas tree in the back of the car.  Ms. Clause is laying across the front but in a green dress.  Now that we have found the perfect car, we will need to change the concept to an Elfen like Ms Clause. The car is a 1930's era car so if there is anything 30ish we can throw into the costume the better.  We need to have a fake christmas tree in the back of the car decorated elegantly as well as several beautifully wrapped and elegantly bowed christmas presents in the passenger seat of the car.  Can we see if Kirks could lend us some of their Christmas props for this one?  We need to have someone bake the Christmas sugar cookies.  Anyone keen?

Christmas tree and decorations
Sugar Cookies and a gorgeous silver platter to serve them on.
For the outfit there are two options: 1. My preferred A sexy tight fitting 1930's dress in green or gold.  2. The green elf below.  Or a mixture of the two.  Lets see what we come up with.

 Love these stockings

 1934 Packard 
Pam and Graham Giacometti  

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