Tuesday, January 11, 2011

visual Sketch Board for February: Mardi Gras Valentine Queen of the Parade

Model: Gayatri
Costume Designer: Sopheak
Dramatic Convertable needed
Mardi Gras Queen of the Parade, think New Orleans, Jazz, Vintage, Deconstructed, Beauty amidst decay, saucy, Bacchanalian decadence, lots of beads like marti gras beads, A corset with a feather collar and flowy feathery skirt.. We need a dark back ground and very severe moody lighting for this, I want to shoot this one in the evening, night if possible on a street, with lots of extras in the back ground. She is the Valentine Queen of the Parade. Vintage Valentines, Deconstructed look, Mardi Gras We could do this one during the friday night cruise but we need to find somewhere with trees an minimal lights. I want to create the feeling New Orleans.Purple, Green, and Gold are the dominate colours.

We need a team of people to construct this costume and do the hair.  She must be larger that life, stunningly beautiful. Any one know anyone who would be interested?  We have until the 24th of February to do it.
Does any one know a Jazz Band that could be playing behind her for the shoot?  The Jazz Band could play the Friday Night.  Ohhh that could be fun!
Georgia...do you think we could get her to be part of the Friday night cruise... see if the city council will spice it up by buying her Mardi Gras beads to throw at the crowd :)  Not sure if that would be in their budget but it would sure make the thing rock!

Cars we are considering for this shoot:
Ross Artmstrong 1950 MGTD

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