Tuesday, January 11, 2011

March: Pixie leprechaun

Model: Roisin...if she is Irish I am sure she has enough sense of humour to roll with this :).  Plus a need someone with a twinkle in their eye to pull this off.
We need : The most flamboyant car we can get

The concept: One very over the top looking little leprechaun /pixie hybrid,  I want to see if we can find a body painting artist for this one.  Lets paint her white with sparkles from head to toe, I want fairy hair, ephemeral, misty, all over the place as if it is floating of its own accord with dragonflies and butterflies dancing in it.  Boustierre with a feathery skirt of some sort and crazy high heels, fairy wings would not be out of place, but amazing ones that are handmade.  I want her sitting cross legged on the bonnet of the car eating chocolate gold pieces from a pot of gold. With a rainbow scarf blowing off her into the background. Pot of gold looking coins, chocolate coins, OTT!!!!


Car we are considering for this shoot:

1934 Plymouth Coupe Brian Pritchard

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