Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Creative Teams

Our vision is that each calendar girl will have a team from the community that will help to create the look for the shoot.  Each team will consist of:

  • the Model / Team organizer (You will need to use your beautiful body for the images and your enviable brain to organize the team around your shoot...we only selected beautiful and clever models for these shoots)
  • the Car owners (these are being sorted out)
  • Period Hair Artist - Georgia has a list of artists who have volunteered
  • Make Up Artist - ditto
  • a Finder - someone who is good a sourcing stuff
  • A stylist / clothing / costume designer to pull together the look.  This does not need to be a professional but someone with an innate sense of style, and the ability to pull together a very saucy dramatic look.  Think World of Wearable Arts meets Pin Up for some of the more dramatic shots and classic Cheesecake for others. 
So it is up to the models to pull together their crews to make them look the most delicious.  Mandi's job to turn it into stunning visual art.  job to print it into beautiful calendars, and Georgia's job to keep it all running smoothly and assisting the teams and organizing the calendar distribution channels.  Phewwww.  But what fun!


  1. Have you sorted all the models? I'm a bit unclear as to what positions need filling still. Seems like it's going to be a great project!

  2. Models are sorted but we need clothing designers, costume makers, and generally artistic type to help realize the vision.