Tuesday, January 11, 2011

April Anzac Day

Model: Emily Belle
A 1940's truck if possible, if there is a military vehicle all the better. 1939-1945 vehicle.

Decked out in militaria, juggling grenades, the vehicle we get will shape this shoot the most. 

Emails with emily on constructing the right vision:
Hi Mandi,

Does this costume fit with your vision for april? Or do you want to go for something more traditional? Such as a jacket and khaki pencil skirt?

Let me know :)

Emily BelleCute very cute. This will work in a pinch. 
However and this depends on what you can source, my dream would be to convert a real army dress coat into a fitted dress, and to wear fishnets with combat boots...or heels that have a combat boot feel to them. My suggestion would be to go to the veterans clubs and explain what you are trying to do and what the cause is for. See if any of them have wives who sew and access to some classic military stuff that they wouldn't mind you using for this shoot or know where you could get something. Make sure they understand that the entire thing will be done tastefully and that it will be done in the spirit of the pin up paintings that were done on the front of the WWII plane nose paintings. 
This will make it even more meaningful because it will be done as a team project and you will all become more connected with your community....yeah!!!
This is just my thinking on it. If you get in touch with some sewing clubs I bet someone who was around in WWII would enjoy doing something like this. All you have to do is ask away.


Have a look at christina ag's video link above and then see if you get someone to help you make something similar to the Navy uniforms in the beginning but using the New Zealand Army style uniforms.
But we want to source an army officers cap if possible.

As a prior Navy petty officer who became a Lieutenant, myself I will be really embarrassed if we mix the officer and enlisted stuff up. So ideally see if you can pick one and stylize it for pin up without offending anyone. This one will be a fine line we will have to walk because we are also trying to honour our service members in the process, while having fun! Now I just have to find a car that will work...I think this will be the hardest!


Cars we are considering for this shoot:

Emily may be sourcing a WWII army truck will have to see if we can get it.

Peter Philips 35 Ford Coupe (above)
Steve Cochrans Blue Packard (below)

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  1. Yay! My favourite theme of all time! And I get to actually do it! :D
    Emily Belle x