Wednesday, January 12, 2011

About the Visual Diary

The preceding pages are collections of images and ideas that help to show the teams that will be working on these images the basic vision for the shoot.

They are a visual scrapbook of images collected from the internet and do not represent my own work...just the rough visual impressions of what I am going for each page of the calendar.

The idea behind the calendar is to mix models and cars playfully, or dramatically as the image demands.  The more visual puns the better and these rough ideas will fill out and evolve as the creative minds coming to the task take their own hands to shape them.

This project is a collaboration, each image will develop from the work and creative spirit of those that chose to donate their time to the creation of beauty in the spirit of helping the most vulnerable in our community.

This is such a cool project!
Thank you so much all that have already volunteered their time energy and resources. I can't wait to see what our community creates!


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