Tuesday, January 11, 2011

October : Halloween Vamps visual diary

October- Bex  and Ria Bella

Dark and Deconstructed
 Vamp to max out all vamps, Sexy vampire zombies coming to steal your candy.  the idea is to have it look like they are stealing candy from little children as they drive by in their car.  So I will need a small child in a ghost costume to longingly hold their hands out crying for their candy. loved th skull in Bex's photo and would like to incorporate this into a headpiece of some sort.  

http://funnytogo.com/pictures/classicarspinups/gallery.htm  Ria you hair would look amazing like this!!!

Amazing makeup can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rociomontoya/4078632455/sizes/z/in/photostream/

Cars we are considering for this shoot:

Glenys and Alan Eagar  37 Ford 
Barry Cullen's roadster


  1. perfect, one of my tattoos is a zombie swallow. you'll have to ask sophia about the deer head it was through one of here friends (she took the photos i submitted)

    i can also help style and make outfits for the shoots as i have a diploma in fashion design

  2. Not sure how to get hold of that skull, I think Brooke has one though, Bexy? x

  3. http://www.legavenue.com/en/women/burlesque/collection/81266

    this is the corset im wearing with a black and red skirt with a big red bow at the back have photos and will email you.

  4. Looks great. Make sure the skirt is ephemerally flowy. We want flashes of legs and ability to move and get in predator like positions on the car if need be. I will not know until the day what I am going to have you do.

  5. its mega short and poofy haha! so leggy!