Tuesday, January 11, 2011

June Queen of Hearts - visual sketch board

Model for this shoot will be:  Sophia Stace
The idea behind this shoot is Queen of Hearts in honour of the Queens Birthday.  This will have a slightly dark feel to it.  Dark sets, dark car.  Powdered wig with a small red bejeweled top hat at a cocked angle. Red bustier with a deconstructed hoop skirt.  She will be holding a victorian valentine heart in her hand. The makeup here is French Victorian.  Everything about this is as Victorian as we can get.  Deconstructed Jewelery.  Victorian ankle boots and lace stockings if such a thing exists.  I want her standing between the headlights of a very antique looking car for this shot.  Flirty and Moody.  Please contribute any visual puns relating to the queen of hearts you can think of to include in this shoot.  Open to all suggestions.

Does any one know any hat designers or fashion designers that would like to contribute to the creation of this costume?

Below are some visual references for the concept.
Tumblr_kumpx6yw4v1qzjxx6o1_400_largelove this hair
 like these lips

Possible Cars:


  1. Cathy Tree Costumier has a perfect hat for this. I will chat to her and Flo Foxworthy Costumier tomorrow :)

  2. HOLY! This sounds so amazing <3