Our Story

Mandi met Georgia when she was teaching her about Attachment Parenting at a  breastfeeding course called Bubby A La Mode.  Georgia was a high flying corporate chic about to have her runway shifted into motherhood.  Mandi was an award winning  professional photographer who had also worked for years as a Lactation Consultant at the Hutt Hospital.  Georgia really liked Mandi's photography work so she commissioned her to do their family portraits and the two hit it off...but it was just business really...that was until Mandi had a crazy idea just before she left for her 6 week holiday to the States....

What if you took the incredibly beautiful cars from the Americarna festival and put some stunning women on them and made a fundraiser calendar for the Hutt Hospital's Neonatal Unit?  Mandi was used to having crazy grand ideas floating through her head...often with ridiculous timing like this one.  But she floated the idea out onto Facebook and wouldn't you know it....Georgia's keen business mind was getting a little restless at home, after spending lots of time in the Neonatal Unit at the hospital.  So Boom! The fire was started.

Part of Mandi's vacation time was spent creating crazy vision boards for the calendar and Georgia spent her spare time handling all of the logistics of pulling something like this together.

Slowly but surely the images that were bouncing around in Mandi's head are coming to life with the help of Wellington's top hair and make up artists, generous costume shops, keen American Car owners, two very patient sons, one very patient partner, a willing commercial Real Estate agent who lent us one of his beautiful buildings to use for the shoots, the Mayor and his donation that funding our peacock feather buying spree for the Mardi Gras shoot, 15 gorgeous models, the fire department, the Americarna committee.